Defining Urgent Care. Showcasing Center Excellence

UCAOA’s Certified Urgent Care (CUC) program has been the leading force to define and answer what is an urgent care center. CUC facilities have met nationally standardized criteria, demonstrating their commitment to provide patients with high-level care.

Minimum hours of operation (must meet all three criteria)

  • 7 days/week (not including national holidays)
  • 4+ hours each day
  • 3000 hours per year

Some of these stringent criteria are as follows:
All facilities, regardless of staffing model, must meet or exceed all of the minimum criteria below.
Facility must accept and advertise that walk-in patients of all ages are accepted for a broad spectrum of illness, injury and disease during all hours the facility is open to see patients.

  • Pediatric specialty centers are exempt from above age requirement IF pediatric-only specialization is included in the name of the facility.

The following must be available during all posted hours of operation for the facility:

  • X-ray on site
  • Phlebotomy services on site
  • Licensed provider on site with the appropriate state licenses and resources to:
    • obtain and read an EKG and x-ray on site
    • administer PO, IM & IV medication/fluids on site
    • perform minor procedures (ex. sutures, cyst removal, incision & drainage, splinting) on site
  • The following equipment, and staff trained in its use:
    • automated external defibrillator (AED) (or more advanced device)
    • oxygen, ambu-bag/oral airway
    • drug cart stocked appropriately for patient population (as determined by the facility)
    • working phone to dial 911
  • At least two exam rooms, separate waiting area and restricted access patient restrooms